An introduction to the analysis of the film high noon

The town had the good fortune to have a marshal with the integrity of Will Kane. He may have feelings for Mrs.

An introduction to the analysis of the film high noon

Kane goes to the barber's office to clean up and hears the undertaker building a coffin. Emphasizing the statement the movie is making about the demise of the atavistic myth that men can only relate to other men, the only help Kane receives is from his Quaker wife who shoots one of the outlaws and fights against another.

Cunningham published in December A visit to the retired and cynical former Marshal only produces another rejection.

Symbol In this story, the marshal represents the righteous man who is willing to stand up to wrongdoers.

Analysis of western films “Shane” and “High Noon” Essay Sample

Gary Cooper, the top-billed star, was a familiar cowboy face with a western drawl to match, but he was in his third decade as a revered movie star, a little elderly for the rough stuff and with acting chops to spare.

Foils work by contrast, in which a character is described by pointing out ways in which it is different than the foil. At the end, she has chosen her husband over her beliefs, participated in a gun fight, killed a man and set up Kane's fatal shot at Miller by clawing at Miller's face.

Kane on the other hand still maintains his usefulness to society at the films conclusion. Shane recognizes that Mrs. Some of the people in the church claim that the fight is a personal matter between Kane and Miller, the head of the outlaw band. The outlaw gang in this story was defeated through luck.

The badge on his chest indicates justice and a responsibility to the truth and the law. When the movie opens she has prevailed upon her man to abandon the role of the Western hero and become a shopkeeper. Shane may be a brave and noble figure who surpasses the tame daily life of the Starret family, but his lifestyle lacks the stability to successfully raise a family.

The male camaraderie which usually supports the Western hero is completely missing from this story. What Herb should do is to round up some of the other townspeople to help Kane. Clearly this cannot be our fearless hero. Another reason he does not act upon his feelings for Mrs. Starret played by Jean Arthur, but he has buried them beneath his desire to live the life he has made for himself.

The three outlaws ride through town and settle in outside the train depot to await the noon arrival of gang leader Frank Miller. Marshal Kane and his radiant bride are congratulated by the town mayor (Thomas Mitchell) and the retired Marshal (Lon Chaney, Jr.), and Kane.

Jan 01,  · Read the Empire review of EMPIRE ESSAY: High Noon. Find out everything you need to know about the film from the world's biggest movie destination.5/5.

- Film Analysis of High and Low Film Mise en scene is a stylistic form of filming that is French for “staging the shot”, which is referring to everything in front of the camera.

Director Kurosawa understood this style and used it in High and Low (Kurosawa, ). High Noon Codes of Conventions, Genre Reading, 'High Noon' Post war Western Genre Utilizing 'The Marshal Story' with elements edging on 'The Revenge Story' and the 'Empire Story'.

The Marshal story revolves around the sheriffs right and duty to protect the town and uphold the rights and moral codes of lawman of the west. Analysis of western films "Shane" and "High Noon" The majority of the High Noon film, taking place prior to noon, is a build up to the arrival of Miller.

As the minutes tick by, suspense and anticipation builds. The action sequence after noon between Kane and the Miller gang, compensates for the loss of the suspense that is so critical. Literary and Cinematic Analysis of the Film Aside from its historical significance, "High Noon" is a compelling story of personal courage in the face of overwhelming odds.

An introduction to the analysis of the film high noon
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